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We will look at how we are wounded and how we respond to those situations that break our heart. We will learn about strongholds that keep us under the thumb of Satan's oppression and the biblical laws and principles that will help us overcome these strongholds and promote healing. This is not a self-help book. There is no magic pill that will fix our emotional and spiritual problems. It is only God that can heal a broken heart. It is not by accident you are reading this site, God has placed it into your hands to begin the healing process. 

The Christ-Centered healing method was originally designed to minister to first responders and combat veterans. Norm has ministered to traumatized inmates with a wide variety of spiritual and emotional problems, He realized that trauma was wide-spread among the inmate population. As he learned more, he saw that every person has suffered a traumatic event.  


This book is not only for the victims of trauma, but for their husbands, wives, daughters, sons, and parents who suffer right along with them. They are wounded people as well.  Hurt people, hurt people. Since our families are the closest to us, we tend to hurt them more than we intend. 

   Get this book and begin your healing today.

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