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Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

Jesus tells us that we will experience tough times in life, there will be traumatic events and overwhelming life events that will come into our lives. No one will go unscathed. Life is a journey, life will result in a series of disappointments, losses, trauma, and crises. Some are predictable and expected, but most are total surprises. During life we must always resolve issues that have the potential to wound us.


Every potential crisis provides an opportunity to learn new ways of using resources that God provided for us to succeed and overcome. Many times, this may require several tries to get it right. But through Jesus Christ we will overcome. As we overcome our trials, we learn and grow to resolve future crises much easier.

   We all have experienced trauma, some more than others. If you have not yet experienced an overwhelming life event, don’t worry, you will! So why do some of us live defeated lives after going through a traumatic event? Why can’t some people shake it off and move forward after trauma? Experiencing a traumatic event causes a wounding of the heart.


The initial wound is like a seed planted in the heart. A seed grows when it’s fed. It is how we feed the seed that determines how it grows. It is not the traumatic event that leaves us in pain, anger, and bitterness, it is our sinful response to the wounding. Our sinful response opens the door to Satan and allows him to begin his oppression.

   Once wounded, if we feed that seed with anger, judgment, and unforgiveness, the seed will grow into what the Bible refers to as a “Bitter Root.” Left unchecked, that root will continue to grow taking over our heart and take over all aspects of our lives. But if we feed that seed with forgiveness, understanding, and love, the seed will grow into a beautiful tree producing good fruit. Poor fruit is likened to a person who exhibits anger, hate, resentment, bitterness, and is unforgiving. Good fruit is a character that exhibits peace, joy, forgiveness, and love. Sin is the culprit of oppression. When we are in unrepented sin, we have given Satan authority to oppress us, living with the pain of a broken heart every day.

    We do not need to stay in pain, allow God to heal you.

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