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Do you need an expert to talk about the first responder culture, stress and PTSD in first responders, or how healing can be achieved through a relationship with Jesus Christ; invite me as a guest on your podcast.
Former Police Commander with over 26 years of experience in all aspects of law enforcement with over 16 years in narcotic enforcement. Committed Christian, author, and speaker. Expert in first responder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the law enforcement culture. Expertise in Christ-Centered Counseling of PTSD.
Christ Centered healing of Trauma                        PTSD
Law Enforcement – Patrol                                         Law Enforcement – Narcotic Investigation
Law Enforcement – SWAT Tactics                         First Responder Culture
First Responder PTSD                                                  First Responders in Prison
I was a police officer for 26 years. Sixteen of those as an undercover narcotic agent rising to the position of Commander. I experienced many traumatic incidents during my career. In 1998, I was diagnosed with an incurable neuro-muscular disease that caused the loss of feeling, mobility, and strength in my hands and feet. After 30 surgeries to stabilize my feet, I developed an addiction to opioids. I was later diagnosed with work-related PTSD, then my daughter was diagnosed with a serious illness with a poor prognosis. This caused me to go into a downward spiral that I never recovered from.
After a failed suicide attempt, I made a series of poor decisions that landed me in federal prison. With the possibility that I was going to go to prison and may die there, I answered the calling of God. God placed people in my path to teach me the gospel. I had never believed in God, but I knew that God was calling me to minister to police officers who are suffering from trauma. While in prison, I obtained a master’s degree in Theology and Christian Counseling, a Doctorate Degree in Christian Counseling, and a Certificate as a California Registered Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor. While in prison, I counseled inmates, preached God’s word, and led bible studies. God healed my daughter and healed my PTSD through the Christ-Centered Healing process. They experienced God’s healing power and transformation through biblical principles. After just over 8.5 years of a 14-year sentence, I was released due to Covid-19.
I was a police academy instructor and considered an expert in police tactics, pursuit driving, narcotic enforcement, the first responder culture, and first responder PTSD. I often speak to those who are suffering from traumatic experiences and who suffer from addiction. I am working as an Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor and do Pastoral Care in a men’s residential rehabilitation facility in Northern California. I am also a credentialed chaplain.
I wrote the book called, Christ-Centered Healing of Trauma: Healing a Broken Heart and just finished the companion book, Christ-Centered Healing of Trauma: Study Guide, that’s perfect for church small groups. These books are on-sale now at
If you allow Him to, God WILL change your mistakes and traumatic events into something good. I am a great example of God's love. 
Christ-Centered Healing of Trauma: Healing A Broken Heart — published 12/2021, Leadership Books, Las Vegas, Nevada
Christ-Centered Healing of Trauma Study Guide -- published 12/2021, Leadership Books, Las Vegas NV 
The Patrol Officer 's Guide to Narcotics Enforcement - 3/1997, LawTech Publishing, Los Angeles, CA
Liberty Bible College and Seminary - Doctorate in Christian Counseling
Allan Hancock College - California Drug & Alcohol Counseling program
Tyndale Theological Seminary - Master's Degree in Theology with an emphasis in Counseling
La Salle University - Master of Science Degree in Law Enforcement Management
  1. Why are first responders more susceptible to stress and PTSD than other professions?
  2. Isn’t PTSD just for combat veterans?
  3. What are the symptoms of PTSD?
  4. When did you first believe you had PTSD?
  5. Why is it that first responders do not seek out help?
  6. Why is drug/alcohol addiction and suicide common in people with PTSD?
  7. What was prison like for a cop?
  8. How did you heal your PTSD?
  9. Do you have any suggestions to mitigate the onset of PTSD?
  10.   What is the importance of spirituality for first responders?
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